Fire Ants on the rise

I was still not quite over all the after affects of the cryo happening and was glad when the Surgery Center called this morning as a follow-up to see if I was having any difficulties or had any questions. It was an automatic system which prompted me to leave a message if I had any needs or questions and that the doctor or equivalent would follow up. I thought that was very efficient – except I never heard from them. By 5PM I decided to call on Dr. Yeungling – currently residing in the fridge – and see if there was an organic malt solution to my problem. Sure enough, my instincts were right and I was rewarded with a flow of goodness. So, if things got better with one adult beverage doesn’t it make sense that two would be twice as good?

I’ve never seen fire ants as we’re having this year. There are more mounds, bigger mounds, and the ants themselves seem more animated and aggressive. If you happen on a mound they are on you in a fraction of a second and chomping down hard and often. It must have something to do with the dry weather we had up until this month and then the recent storms. I have a giant economy size bag of fire ant killer and am doing my best to keep the garden ant free. That’s where I’m most vulnerable, kneeling down and working in the soil. Most recently I study the area I’m going to work carefully and don’t get down until I’m fairly sure my feet or knees won’t be in a danger zone. And I put on a pair of vinyl gloves with longer sleeves. But if I let me guard down, wham they have me. I’ve heard that pouring gasoline on a mound will do the job but hate to pour gasoline in the garden but if the Amdro isn’t up to the job, I’ll float them in gas in a heartbeat.

Up until yesterday, I wasn’t taking Herman Cain too seriously. I can’t mentally get past the national sales tax he likes. Then I heard him sing a rendition of the old Beatles song, “Imagine”, where he inserted the key line “Imagine there’s no pizza” and I was won over. I have to think congress would gut the sales tax part of his plan. If he would pick up Ron Paul’s plan to shut down about half the gov’t agencies, he’d have me hooked for sure.

I keep hearing that there are millions of jobs available that require technical skills but too few people interested in gaining those skills. Here’s my plan: free tuition to all kids in engineering and science curricula; paid for by doubling tuition for all kids in liberal arts majors. Maybe triple tuition for law school and political science majors. Or automatic payoff of student loans for those kids who have degrees in engineering or science or business. No Pell Grants for those planning on a degree in 17th century French literature.

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