Trip to EPCOT

Finally getting some real rain but it’s far too late in the season to be meaningful in terms of raising the lake level to anything resembling normal. I guess I’m assuming a normal fall/winter in terms of a dry season. The weather for the past week has been perfect for the garden and all the newly planted starts. Too much heat and direct sunlight makes it tough for the young plants to establish roots and also gives the grasshoppers and whatever other munchers are out there a free reign of the garden. Rain and overcast is just what the (garden) doctor ordered. Also took advantage of the weather to replace the sweet potatoes with onions and snow peas. The girls (Alyssa and Kamyrn) helped and really got their hands dirty. We ended up planting 30′ of peas and 90+ onions. There has to be another couple hundred onion sets – Nancy bought two pounds which turns out to be a jillion or so. Instead of raising them all as large, cooking onions my plan is to harvest every other row as green onions. We planted them in rows separated by 6” which is a little tight but if I remove every other row early, that should leave the rest plenty of space and provide us with salad material all along the way. I also read that onions are great companion plants for cabbage and lettuce so I think I’ll intermix a few dozen where I have those plants growing now. After the girls left, I still had some unplanted space and didn’t want to miss the opportunity this weather break was giving so I did a carrot/radish patch. Of all the things I plant, these are my least favorite in terms of effort. The seeds are so tiny and the interspacing so small that it becomes tedious work to even do a small, 3’x6′ area. In the past, I’ve been borderline successful, at best, but this time have done all the appropriate things, up to and including, special root veggie fertilizer. We always manage to harvest a few so it’s never a total loss but it just never lives up to expectations.

The pic is the sweet potato harvest. To put it in perspective, this is the yield from 6 cuttings I started from the original batch that failed to produce any tubers at all.
Had a great Monday evening. There’s a food and wine event annually at EPCOT. We went with Tom and Tina last year and they bought us an annual pass – which we never used until Monday. There were a few days remaining on the pass so we all went again with one eye on the sky for the much threatened rain. Not a drop fell and we enjoyed the evening sampling the wares from around the world. I was in a beer and cheese mood and found plenty to take care of those cravings. The rest of the party pretty much did an eclectic sampling from such places as Australia, Mexico, Norway, France, Korea, Ireland and other countries that I can’t call to mind.

I think Democrats are in the catbird seat now with the likelihood that there will be two Democrats running – Obama and Romney. Perry self destructed and as much as I like Herman Cain, his 9% sales tax is a deal breaker for me. I think that’s an economy destroying move for sure. It will be interesting to watch this primary unfold if Sarah Palin throws her support behind Cain.

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