Sweet potato harvest

I broke the code on sweet potatoes. We – Alyssa, Kami, and I – dug up the two rows and harvested about 20 pounds. They ranged in size from monstrous to micro’s but no doubt, they look just like sweet potatoes. You’re supposed to let them set for about 2 weeks before eating – I think that stops the growth and starts converting something into sugar or starch. Have a feeling it will be a constant job keeping those rows free from new potatoes based on the extensive root system that was generated by these plants. I noticed that the texture of the soil where these plants grew was altogether different than where they failed to grow last season. This area was deep in leaf mulch compared to a more sandy soil and I did fertilize here based on the conjecture that the first batch was missing some nutrient. One thing for sure, sweet potatoes can be grown in the hottest summer so maybe next August I’ll start another batch.

So the new/refurb phone set came. It looked identical to the old set – same model numbers etc but there was a subtle difference that didn’t appear until the next day. My game plan was to use two of the new handsets with old base station and the remaining good headset from the original set. That would leave me a spare base station, one new handset and the original handset with the bad 4 digit. I’d put those away as spares. The instructions said to charge the batteries for 15-20 hours so I did just that. Trouble was that the new handsets didn’t communicate with the old base station. Plug in the new base station and the new handsets communicated just fine but the old handsets didn’t. That blew me away since I would expect any compatible (same model number) handset would work – how else could you order a replacement handset? To me it means that I have to reprogram all the phone numbers into the new base station. What a pain.

Then to make a bad start to a day even worse, I looked out at the greenhouse and saw that some items that went to bed in the greenhouse were on the lawn. In particular a bag of fertilizer was ripped open so that the rain could ruin it. I can only hope that the raccoon or possum or whatever critter got into it was properly poisoned – but not before he spread the word that the greenhouse was a bad place to visit. It does have a zip up door but I hadn’t intended to use it until the cold weather required it. Zipper doors are the weak spot to any tent so I figured that the least use possible was the best policy.

Want an example of Obama’s decision making ability? He created this jobs counsel, chartered to …………….. get the job engine moving. Sounds ok so far but who does he appoint as the head job getter? Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE. All you have to do is take a look at GE’s performance since Jeff took over as CEO to know he’s the wrong guy. Just ask any GE shareholder. The company’s performance and the stock’s performance has been sliding down since he took the reigns from Jack Welch. Aside from moving the center of gravity of the company offshore, aside from plunging deep into the business of making windmills, aside from expanding the disastrous financial lending arm which put GE right up there with Bank of America in terms of making bad loans – seems to me he has taken a wrecking ball to one of America’s greatest legacy companies. What a loser and what an incredibly stupid choice to head a job creation counsel.

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