Sweet Potato pull

We’re tough on phones. About 6 months ago we bought a 3 headset cordless at Costco and as I recall it was just over $50. A month back I left one of the headsets out, it rained, and has never worked exactly right after that. It’s useable in terms of answering but the 4 digit doesn’t work so you can only dial numbers that don’t contain a 4. For us that’s a very livable situation, having 2 1/2 phones is about as good as having 3. Then we totally lost one of the headsets. The only thing we can think is that someone broke in while we were gone and stole one of our phones. Neither one of us misplaced it so what else could it be. Had it been the one with the missing 4, that would have been ok but it was one of the remaining good ones. So I went on line and found that a single headset, not the whole system, would cost just under $50. At the same site, I found that we could get a complete 3 phone system, factory refurbished, for $40. And there were no shipping charges or tax so, all in all, considering the rate we go through headsets, this is probably the right thing to do.

Got a big weekend coming up. Joanne and the girls are coming up on Saturday and we’re joining Tom and Tina at EPCOT Sunday for the annual Food and Wine Festival. We went last year and Tom bought us a one year pass – which we never used after that visit – but it’s still active for a few more days. Nancy bunged up her foot a few days ago so that may create an obstacle to the Disney trip but as of now, we’re still planning on it. I’ve got some good gardening activities planned for the girls. Going to pull out the sweet potatoes and plant onions and carrots in their place. If I don’t have any better luck with the sweets than last time, it would be more accurate to say we’re going to pull out the vines. Before we plant the new stuff, we’ll work in some new organic material and sprinkle the area liberally with a special “root crop” fertilizer formulation. Planting onions is easy to do and something I’m guessing the girls will like doing.

We have a new predator prowling the territory, a feral cat. He/she is a nice looking, smallish cat with white fur on all four legs from about the knees down so it’s probably a house cat that has taken to the wild. I’m ok with that so long as one day it doesn’t turn into a clan/passle/gaggle/pride or whatever the correct term for a family of cats is. It must be doing ok here even though nobody is feeding it or maybe it goes home at night and then comes here for hunting and catting around. If it’s a good cat it would keep the mice/rats/rabbits and small snakes on the run. It’s definitely not a fat, lay around all day kind of cat but rather seems to be constantly on the prowl. And very spooky around people, which is also a good thing.

Believe it or not, some of the citrus is turning color already. The tangerines are turning orange and the Ruby Red grapefruit is lightening, some almost yellow. To me, the color is mid November coloring, not early October. Our summer was much drier than usual so that may be the factor driving the earlier maturity. I’m wondering if the fruit will be drier than it should be?

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