O’brians is History

Surprise from Florida – Herman Caine. I’ve been hearing him for quite some time on talk radio – a frequent guest or fill in host for Neil Bortz – and always liked his style and ideas. In fact, we used to eat at the Godfather’s pizza place in Bountiful so if we voted for him with out pizza $$……………… I wonder if our discovery of grilled gourmet pizza is a sign.

We went up to Gainesville over the weekend to celebrate Simon’s birthday. His dorm setup is quite a bit nicer than last year and much more conducive to studying. That clears away an avenue of excuses he had last year. Sounds like classes are going well and he seems to be actually enjoying a couple of them. He’s also applied for a job on a computer help desk and at an upcoming music festival so he’s busy, busy, busy. Sounds like the next time he’ll actually make it back home will be Thanksgiving.

Furnished the green house, moving things from the screened porch which made Nancy happy. At first glance, it seemed like plenty of space but by the time I had it set up, it’s a bit small but adequate. In terms of flats, there’s space to handle 8-10 flats and I really can’t imagine having more than that going at any one time – 10 flats is 180 plants. I made a 5’x2′ table using a couple of saw horses and a piece of plywood and moved a potting bench I’ve had for years from the screen porch into the greenhouse. It doesn’t show in the pictures but there’s a tub of potting soil, 2 cubic feet, tucked away between the table and the potting bench.
Probably, but not for sure, got some bad news Sunday. Our closest, good breakfast restaurant closed down. We hadn’t driven by O’brian’s in a few months but passed it on our way to Gainesville. There was a big sign saying “coming soon, The Swamp Shack”. The name, and that only, makes me think this is going to be more a juke joint than a ham and egg heaven. Probably live music on the weekends by Astor’s own Swamp Boogers and Karaoke the rest of the week – flashing Bud Lite signs. An occasional shooting in the parking lot. They have a web site, swampshackfla.com, but all that says is “coming soon” and words like unique experience. I don’t think you’d use those words for a breakfast/lunch diner. The next closest place, about 15 miles from us, is Big Rig, an old truck stop, which is almost as good food wise, but doesn’t have the ambiance O’brian’s had. I can’t imagine they closed for lack of business since it was pretty well jammed for lunch and breakfast all the time. Probably a lease problem, a tax problem, or some other non-customer related issues.

Interested to see if the Gov from New Jersey decides to throw his hat in the ring. I’ve liked him since he made the run at the governorship. Being a former fat guy, I think it’s about time we had a fat guy run for president (we know tall and skinny doesn’t work). I still have many reservations about any NE Republican being way too liberal and wonder if you can get to be a big deal politician in NJ without some of the corruption rubbing off. It might help if he picked a good southerner for a running mate. I’d be ok in that department with the Indian Gov from Louisiana, Marco Rubio, or Herman Caine. All those guys are solid conservatives with an ethnic appeal. Still, a Republican Yankee? Just not sure I could get my arms around it and I’m still guessing he’ll walk away from it in the end. Maybe too many skeletons in the closet.

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