Gourmet Pizza Redefined

I have roughly 90% of the available garden space planted with just a few more things in the holding area. In less than a month the sweet potatoes, maybe another exercise in futility, will be pulled and provide space for the next celery crop and maybe snow peas. The tomatoes and green peppers are putting out a few now and will be producing volume next month and, if the weather holds, on till December. My plan is to plant root crops where those now reside. So what’s growing now? Lettuce, three varieties; cabbage, three varieties; broccoli, three varieties; cauliflower, two varieties; collards, kale, and brussels sprouts, one variety of each. The swiss Chard, two varieties, are seedlings now and will go in mid October. Beyond that, it’s starting seedlings to replace all the things mentioned above as they’re picked (or fall victim to the elements) – more or less a continuous process. From my perspective, the labor intensive part of the fall/winter garden is about done. All the crops mentioned are easy, mostly well behaved and not interesting to the nematodes.

Made another gourmet pizza last night. This one made the other one look like something from Pizza Hut or other commercial mill. It started when we were in an organic food place in Ormond Beach looking specifically for semolina flour, which they didn’t have. I walked by a shelf that had pre-made pizza crust with the brand name Rustic Crust. It was seven grains, no preservatives and everything a greenie could want. I checked the price and it was $4.79, about the same as we pay in Publix for their product which just uses regular people ingredients. Nancy observed that it was slightly smaller, maybe 10” compared to the 12” size we normally get. It felt about the same weight to me. It wasn’t until we got home and opened it that we realized there was only one pizza crust in the package compared to two from Publix. But this one was noticeably thicker, accounting for the weight being about the same. This time I added a Big Bertha green pepper and a small onion to the okra and eggplant mix I’d concocted last time. Sauteed them in a little olive oil for about 5 minutes then added the San Marzano tomato sauce we had made a few months back and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Spread that on the Rustic Crust and topped with new crop San Marzano slices and a pre-shredded cheese mix called Italian blend, then popped it in the Holland grill for 10 minutes. No joke, if you had to pick one food to eat for the rest of your life, this is it. We both prefer thin crust and when we saw how thick it was, our expectations were not that high. We cut it into quarters and I ended up with one quarter for today’s lunch, that’s how filling it was. We have probably screwed ourselves up for ever eating pizza outside. If all goes well, in two months should be reporting on cauliflower pizza with thinly sliced swiss chard. I can also see broccoli but think cabbage might be against the law.

Ok, so the gators are 4-0 including Tennessee and Kentucky. The next four games are killer SEC match ups including Alabama, Auburn. LSU and Georgia. If they can win two of those games the season will be ok, especially if one of those wins is against either Alabama or LSU. I think South Carolina is also still on the schedule and they too are ranked fairly high this year- higher than Florida for sure. FSU was highly ranked but have dropped two so ………………….

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