Another snake event

Got quite a few lettuce plants in the main garden – actually 40 plants. It’s a mix between head lettuce, green leaf lettuce and red leaf lettuce. For those of you who haven’t grown lettuce, the leaf lettuce is a cut crop which keeps replenishing itself as you trim the leaves for the kitchen. So with 20+ leaf lettuce plants, that’s salad for a season. In a month or so I’ll start some buttercrunch. That’s a really nice head variety for the winter. It just can’t handle the heat. It’s still hotter than I’d like but we’ve been getting pretty good cloud cover so that helps quite a bit. The grasshoppers are making sure we don’t have more broccoli than we can handle

Some people have commented that my garden is not very well organized – or they might say, not organized in the conventional fashion. To some extent that’s a correct assessment but they don’t understand what’s behind the apparent mishmash. I always start more seeds than I need because I know that bugs, weather and other critters will take their toll. I don’t spray pesticides so my bug losses are probably higher than need be but I just like the idea that I haven’t intentionally put something nasty on the plants that will later end up inside me. I can’t control what gets eaten and where, in terms of plant placement. So what happens is that as plants lose the battle, I replace them with whatever is next in line for planting, more or less independent of what kind of plant it happens to be. So I end up with a cabbage or cauliflower amongst the broccoli. By the time things are fully grown it sometimes takes on a random variety look to it and that bothers some people. I look at it like I’d rather have a lettuce among the cabbage than a bare spot just sitting there producing nothing. I think maybe it depends on whether you have Italian or German blood coursing through your veins. My answer to the comments is generally something like, “yeah, I’m trying to achieve just that special look with a mixture of leaf textures and colors.” Some people actually believe that and just look at me like, what evah.

Had another snake event on the back porch. I think it was the same snake I mentioned a month or so back that escaped into the ferns on the corner of the porch. I had totally forgotten about it but then today, after a really hard rain, it must have been flooded out of it’s home and reappeared. I was determined this time to have him take up residence in the jungle and out of my space. So I propped open the screen door, armed myself with a broom, and then started sweeping rain water at him to chase him toward the door. It was a harmless black snake about 30” long but a couple of times he literally jumped up and struck the broom so harmless is a relative term. I got him closer but this technique wasn’t quite getting it done so I got one of my frost blankets and tossed it over him. Then I pushed the the blanket outside and waited for him to crawl out to freedom. I ended up having to lift up one corner of the blanket and shake him out but managed to accomplish the goal without a bite. I do have a pellet gun and could have dispatched him but I like the idea of snakes like this out and about – eating rats or whatever other vermin they can catch.

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