Feelin’ better about the Gators

Starting to feel better about the Gators, not good yet, just feeling better.

I heard something on the tube that cracked me up and brought back lots of memories. There’s a new show starting this season on NBC, Playboy or Playboy Club. There’s been lots of promotion and I know it’s a show in which I’ll have zero interest. The news that cracked me up is that KSL in Salt Lake City is the only NBC affiliate in the country that won’t be airing the show. When we lived there, this happened frequently but I just assumed it went away along with most of the really stupid liquor laws. The Mormon Church owns the TV station and the newspaper so …………… It would seem to me that in this day and age there are many, many ways for people to watch the show aside from any one particular station but I guess if it makes them feel better.

Finished up the quarry project. It ended up being significantly more than I had bargained for but once I was into it, no sense doing anything but truck on through. It will probably take a season or two to get it up to par but without the intervention it would always been a problem area. Having Nancy on sabbatical helped because I could work straight through with no breaks until a natural break point in the job.
Does it have to be Guiliani for veep? I think I could get my head around Huntsman if he was chartered to focus on trade. The problem is that putting somebody from Utah on the ticket doesn’t buy you any votes you weren’t already going to get. I personally like the Gov of Louisiana or Mississippi but that may be too much southern cooking for the rest of the country to accept. The conventional wisdom is Rubio but I just don’t think he’ll be interested.

Why can’t I support Romney? First, I could support him if it came down to a choice between him and O’bama. Make no mistake about that. But I’ve got two killer problems with him: (1) he’s from Massachusetts, and (2) he graduated from Harvard. That tells me that he’s a dem masquerading in Rep clothes. He may have been a conservative in the eyes of the folks in Massachusetts but elsewhere he’d be considered a lefty who was tutored by the lefty staff at Harvard. It didn’t help that Tim Pawlenty threw his support to Romney and is being touted as a possible running mate. To me that’s mixing sugar free, caffeine free vanilla with French vanilla when what’s needed is jalapeno and cheddar.

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