Working the Quarry

Bachelor again. Nancy and Joanne headed off to New York for a few days with Chris. I’ve plenty got to do, a fridge full of goodies and loaded up with gory netflix DVD’s that Nancy wouldn’t like. That plus the Gators play Tennessee and FSU plays Oklahoma Saturday – it doesn’t get any better.

The results of the biopsy confirmed the presence of a small tumor on my prostate. That’s good news in the sense that, combined with the bone and CAT scans, it provides a definitive source of the elevated PSA. The procedure for dealing with it is to freeze the tumor using cryogenic technology. The option is to freeze the entire organ or just the tumor. In this case due to the size and location of the tumor, going after just the tumor has lowest risk for side affects and makes the most sense. The doctor describes the procedure, from the perspective of the patient, as the same as the biopsy – in and out, same day, knocked out. The difference is that the catheter remains for a few days as compared to overnight for the biopsy. That’s because the procedure is a bit more abusive on the organ so the swelling lasts a bit longer. The procedure is scheduled for……………..

Got the green house assembled. It was definitely not a one person job, not even close. My neighbor is the world champ at putting things together and it took the two of us over an hour to complete the job. I think it’s going to work just fine and give me a good place to start and keep plants in the cool weather – assuming that ever happens.
The job of removing the limestone and sand from the old corn patch is really bigger than I thought. That area is now designated as a quarry, not a garden. I’m now up to 16 wheel barrows full and still working at it, a hand shovel at a time. It looks like an archeological dig. Luckily I have a good spot to dump the refuse back by the dock. I filled all that area years ago but right in front of the dock entrance a fairly large depression has developed. I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to fill it with the limestone from the garden. So that’s good but it does leave me with a gaping hole in the garden that I hadn’t anticipated. When I started I assumed that the oldest compost pile would be more than adequate to replace the material being pulled out but now I’m fairly certain it won’t. The solution will likely be too create wider walking paths/ narrower planting rows through that area and then gradually reverse that as new compost becomes available. The alternative is to find a source of soil and reload the garden, a wheel barrow at a time. Which approach I take is most likely temperature dependent – if it cools off, go the fill route; if not, wider walking paths. In either event, it’s only for this next season. By spring I’ll have enough new compost to do the job

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