Glad this week is over

Talk about a bad week. Yeah, we all lost it big time in the market – welcome to Obama world. But there’s way more to it. I found out that if your PSA starts to rise again after you’ve completed radiation treatments, there is a whole new world of torture tests out there waiting. More to come. This morning ended the week in the same fashion it has progressed all week. I made a list of things to do which started with spraying round-up on the driveway to kill the weeds. I use a very concentrated version that is available to commercial growers which I get here in nursery land. I bought a gallon about 5 years ago and transferred it into one of those plastic Tide soap jugs that has a push button top to to allow easy measurement. The jug sits on it’s side and I just bring the spray bottle up under the top, and give it 10 pops on the push button. Each tap of the button is a tablespoon so I give it 10 taps into the spray bottle, add 2 gallons of water, and spray away. This morning the top broke off after the 2nd push on the button. I’d guess the container was half full of the toxic goop and, if I’m lucky, only half of it spilled out on the porch. Cleaning up that mess set me back half an hour. In the middle of all that Nancy said she was leaving, bridge day, and that there was a load of freshly washed clothes in the basket and would I be a prince and hang them on the line. My niece is visiting this weekend and she loves freshly washed and sun dried sheets. I got the load all hung when the clothesline broke. The line is probably 5 years old, maybe the same age as the Tide jug. So the market broke, I broke, the Tide jug broke, and the clothesline broke. The market will come back, I can get a new clothesline and Tide jug, so that all bodes well for me too. In retrospect, I’m wondering if this string of bad things didn’t start last winter when the spec’s quit biting.

I’m really concerned for those folks who are blaming the Tea Party for the current financial disasters unfolding. If I have it right, the Dem’s were in control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress for the first two years and the White House plus the Senate ever since. And I think I’m right when I say that there were only 75 Republicans elected to the house this past election who were supported by the Tea Party – that would be fewer than 20% of the total membership; Sixty freshman representatives. So how is it that such a small group in the lower house can really be blamed for anything? What the Fed was saying when they decided to keep interest rates near zero for 2 more years is that nothing much is going to happen to make things economically better until after the election and a new cast of characters enters the stage. Makes sense to me.

And personally, I’m happy to see Rick Perry enter the race. I think one of the big roots of this country’s financial problems and employment problems can be traced to the Obama energy policy. He focused like a laser on basically shutting down the fossil fuel industry in this country and threw billions of stimulus dollars at flakey energy policies – chasing the wind and sun rays. And converting food into fuel. I don’t much care what else Rick Perry promotes, for sure he will jump on the energy issue and get us back drilling. Drilling in Alaska, drilling offshore and fracking shale. He understands the relationship between energy and the economy -the current group is clueless. I really believe that if energy is cheap and abundant, everything else falls in line.

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