Sweet potatoes etc

So it turns out that the 84 chloroform searches was really one search. A program bug. I thought that was probably the case when I first heard the prosecution’s allegation. What really bothers me is that the prosecutors were informed of the bug before the trial was over and did nothing about it. Seems to me that the prosecutors should be put on trial for that – trying to convict a person to a death sentence when they knew that a significant piece of the evidence against the defendant was out and out wrong. I wonder if the judge was aware of this? I guess it’s against the law for a person to lie to the police but not against the law for the prosecutors to withhold exculpatory information from the jury.
I’ve mentioned the sweet potato patch several times so I took a pic to let you see exactly how well it’s thriving. One pic also shows the ghost peppers in the foreground. If you need a sun loving ground cover, this has to be a serious candidate.

Not such good news regarding the tomato plants I transplanted a week ago. They survived a couple of days but just couldn’t deal with the heat. I’m starting a few more from seeds on the porch and will try again mid August. So far I’m pleasantly surprised that the new cucumbers and summer squash seem to be holding their own nicely. Way too soon to claim success but so far so good. What’s becoming clear is that there are a fair number of veggies that can handle the summer heat -you just have to be selective in what you grow. The eggplant and okra never show the slightest sign of stress; same for the cherry tomatoes – albeit no sign of tomatoes yet; sweet potatoes and so far, the Cavili squash, Sweet Success cucumber, and the Metro butternut. The Harvest green beans look fairly well hammered by about 2PM so I’m not sure they will end up making the grade. I have another variety that is supposed to deal well with hot weather in the wings. Plan is to plant them when I pull out the Sweets next month. My objective is to have lots of (summer) stuff available to eat right up until Thanksgiving and to be transitioning over to traditional winter stuff seamlessly at that time.

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