Had a bad day

Familiar with the song “You’ve had a bad day”. I could have written it yesterday. I had to have another internal exam following last week’s colonoscopy. It was an x-ray procedure with some barium injected in the nether region. The prep for the colonoscopy is far worse than the procedure itself but in this procedure, the discomfort is about split evenly. It was two days of a liquid diet with the normal clean out process on the second day. I survived that reasonably well, notwithstanding losing a few hours sleep. The procedure itself was not without discomfort but not a killer either although the after affects linger for hours after the procedure. When we got home we stopped at the paper box to get our paper and I learned that a wasp had taken up residence inside the box. I learned by virtue of inserting my hand in the box and getting clobbered by the resident. The finger swelled up in a matter of minutes, then my entire hand started itching like crazy, and finally all the other fingers and hand swelled. Looked like I had a baseball mitt permanently affixed. Luckily it stopped at the wrist. I popped a Benadryl immediately then hit the bed about noon and slept like a log until Nancy woke me at 5PM. That’s totally bizarre for me – no nap no matter how tired I am.

If I ever have to go through this again, I’m going to ask the doc to level with me as to whether or not beer can be the liquid of choice for the liquid diet. I can’t help but think that 8oz of Yuengling hourly would make the whole thing just a bit more palatable.

Nancy got a new toy. She has this thing about floors and really takes the old saw about floors being clean enough to eat from seriously. She’s been agonizing over finding the right kind of steam cleaner for the tile floors – one that gets the job done but isn’t too heavy or cumbersome to deal with. Somebody clued her in on this neat little steamer and she found it on Amazon for a reasonable price – her assessment. The first one had an out of box failure in that it leaked profusely. I talked to the manufacturer and he assured us that something was wrong but that we had to go to Amazon to get anything done about it. That sounded ominous but it turned out to be quite simple and we literally had a replacement unit in just a few days. Nancy is a happy camper and I’m ok with it because it has no motor, no moving parts, and is totally silent except for an occasional steam sound. I thought she might not think it was getting the job done with no thrashing noise but not so. Even I can tell the difference in the floors when walking on bare feet.

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