Garden misc

A year or so ago one of Nancy’s quilt buddies gave her some seed packs that she was unable to use. One was a pack of bush beans that had been opened and didn’t fit my planting plans at the time. I happened across them last week and decided to give them a try in an open area in the garden with no scheduled use until fall. It’s really hit and miss with older seed that hasn’t been stored in a particularly good environment and it’s hit and miss planting anything at all in July. I was genuinely surprised this morning to find that 5 days after planting, it looked like at least a 90% germination rate. I know nothing about this particular variety but so far so good.

Haven’t mentioned the super hot ghost peppers in a while. These are the peppers that are supposedly 1000 times hotter than jalapenos. For 3 months not much happened after I set them out in the garden back in April. They stayed green and looked fine but just didn’t grow. All of a sudden in the past few weeks they have taken off and more than quadrupled in size. Very healthy looking but still no blossoms. It’s very easy to spot them because, like no pepper I’ve ever grown, the leaves are ruffled. I’m thinking it was the return of the rain that caused the growth spurt but maybe that’s just the way they grow. I have a waiting list of people who want a few peppers and I’ve noticed that there are ghost pepper sauces starting to show up on the market. I’ve read so much about them that I wouldn’t even pick one without wearing gloves.

Got an experiment going on with the sweet potatoes. I mentioned that they were growing vigorously – so much so that I’ve had to trim them back to keep the vines contained in the garden boundary. I stuck a few cuttings into a cup of water and within a week, an incredible nest of roots had developed – more than you ever could have expected. I had tried to start some a couple months back and the vines seemed too flimsy and never developed a decent root system. Maybe the base plants have to be much more mature or something. I pulled 3 plants out of the cup and stuck them in another garden area to see if they can survive the water to soil transition. I’ll have an answer on that in a couple of weeks. If these take, should have all the sweets we need for Thanksgiving.

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