Thanks Netflix

Everybody is bummed that Netflix raised their prices. Not us. Turns out the new pricing drops us $5/month. Nancy got an email from Netflix that showed our price dropping (she thought) but the TV headlines were that the prices were going up 60%. I checked it myself and sure enough the price was jumping up. On closer examination, the plan we had included unlimited streaming – something we never do. By dropping the streaming feature and keeping our 3 DVD plan, the price dropped $5. Thanks Netflix.

I’ve designated today as a “need to do it” day, AKA “a round twoit day. When I’m walking around the grounds doing those things that absolutely have to do done now, I see things that I need to do if I ever get around to it. Then on a day that I wake up and find my “to do” list empty, I designate that day to clean up all those little items that never make it to the list. One of the rules for that day is not to skip over anything, however menial, and just get it done so more often than not, the single designated day ends up extending to two days. The thing that triggered today, aside from the empty “to do” list, was finding that the bear had visited my trash can again last night.

I was a little surprised when Mobama came out and said that if there wasn’t a budget deal Social Security checks wouldn’t be going out. That suggests that there’s a protocol in place that establishes payment priorities and that SS payouts are first in line to chop. I’m ok with that if the list of those who don’t collect also includes all gov’t retirees and all the top dogs in the gov’t who bear some responsibility for the fiscal problems. I would think the first group to miss a paycheck would be all of those associated with the legislative branch and the Executive branch down to but not including the working folks in the Agencies. What would we feel if they just shut down the EPA, Dept of Energy, or Dept of Education. Hows about HHS, Anybody miss that one? Does DOT do anything we’d miss for a few months? Amtrak? What if we just shut down all external aid programs; pulled out of the UN? Do you think Obama and his financial team have really put together a list of payment priorities or was that just a comment designed to shake up the troops? After hearing that, I’m really hoping they don’t reach an agreement because of the excitement that will add to the 2012 elections. If Obama thinks we will all jump on John Boehner, he’s delusional – only those in Ohio get to do that. The only office that has to face the whole nation at the ballot box is his – which is exactly why it won’t happen and why that was such a stupid thing to say. I think he laid out a bluff that’s pretty easy to call.

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