Feels like home

Hard to imagine that the space shuttle program ended without a follow on craft ready to fly. It would be like Boeing saying the 737 program was over with no new plane ready to take it’s place. Great opportunity to shut NASA down. You have to know that if a private company had been running the program they would have had a follow on in design 10 years ago and a robust flight test program just ending with this last flight.

This place finally feels like home. Something has always been missing but that’s been corrected. Some time when I was a kid my parents bought a picture that hung forever in our living room. I’m sure it came from an exclusive gallery such as the Sears – Home decorating section. I came in possession of it when we moved here but my bride relegated it to standby status so I put it in my shed where I could see it on those occasions that I visited the shed. A few back Joey bought me a Christmas gift with a rubber band firmly attached – the picture would revert to him in the end. Well the end came quicker than I had envisioned when he and Mark got another house and decided to move back on land. At that point he laid claim to the picture. (Doesn’t it seem he should provide a replacement gift?). Anyway that left a perfectly good hanger on the wall and I stealthily slipped out to the shed and retrieved Snowy Egrets in a Swamp. Nancy relented after a brief skirmish and actually agreed if she could clean it. Now whenever I walk back to the bedroom, I get that homey feeling again.

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