About the trial

How could the jury have reached a not guilty decision. Easy.

1. They were not exposed to the highly biased media barrage we saw.
2. They were not exposed to the courtroom antics that went on when they were excused
3. There was zero testimony that showed her being a bad or unloving mother, only the opposite
4.There was zero testimony that tied her to the crime scene
There was only speculation as to how she actually died

5. There was zero proof that Caylee was murdered; where she died; when she died; how she died. Not a shred of hard evidence of prior child abuse or mistreatment.

About the only thing the prosecution proved was that she was:
1. a liar or extraordinary ability
2. a party girl
3. stone hard cold

My own opinion – the kid probably did drown or was overdosed on chloroform and the boyfriend disposed of the body. The baby could open the door to the back yard, could climb the ladder to the pool, and loved to swim. The cops that blew off the meter reader when he first reported the body killed any chance of getting the evidence that could have proved what really happened. I also think the whole thing would have been thrown out on appeal based on the animated video showing the duct tape being applied to Caylee so the state saves a bundle of money doing a re trial.

It was very satisfying seeing Nancy Grace go down in flames and Geraldo emerge victorious – he was the only talking head that predicted exactly what happened.

I was personally in exactly the same position in my one and only experience as a jury member about 40 years ago. There was no doubt whatsoever that the guy on trial was guilty. There was also no doubt that the State did not come close to proving it and had charged the wrong crime. A better way to say it is that the state charged one crime which they didn’t prove but did prove a crime they hadn’t charged. I had decided that I was going to have to vote to acquit but was saved at the bell when the prosecutor made some technical error on closing and the judge declared a mistrial. It was funny too because the defense tried to get the judge to back off the mistrial because they knew the State had blown the case.

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