About the Trial

I’m basically hanging on every word in the trial of Casey waiting for one key piece of information. Did she win the Hot Body contest? If she did, I think that gives her an automatic pass or at least some relief based on extenuated circumstances. Wouldn’t you have thought the prosecution would have showed a video of the event? I kept waiting. Other points of interest: entomologists can make decent bucks – the expert said he was making $30K for his work on this trial; cadaver dogs and the handlers are really rigorously trained, tested, and certified. I’m very suspicious about the duct tape since I’ve never seen any with markings on the tape. The kind I’ve always seen is just plain, silver tape. I’m also wondering if the cadaver dog “Bones” was named after the TV show or visa versa. I wish they would have clarified that for me.

All along I’ve had the opinion that the baby was accidentally killed rather than on a premeditated basis. The logic behind that opinion was that if it was planned, the killer would also have thought about and planned what to do with the body and for certain, not left it in the trunk of the car and dumped it close to the house. That, to me, is a sign of a panic rather than premeditation. Something like – she chloroformed the kid, maybe a regular thing she did, came home to find her dead and panicked. But there is another explanation that also explains a factor I’ve never come to terms with – Roy Kronk, the meter reader that found the body. That always smelled fishy to me. My new theory allows that the last piece to fit with premeditated murder. Caylee is killed and the body disposed of at a location far from the home. Roy Kronk happens on the body, maybe the way he said, and tries to figure a way to capitalize on the finding and get the reward. So he moves the body close to the Anthony home and calls 911. He gets his 15 minutes and maybe some money. The interesting thing is that if the defense is able to prove that Kronk was more involved with the body than just a single event, to me that would solidify premeditation on the part of Casey rather than absolve her.

In the end I suspect she’ll be convicted on something less than first degree murder. Maybe being a bad dancer or something.

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