More veggie pics

The pole beans are going gangbusters and have been for a couple of weeks. The picture shows the two varieties growing, Smeraldo and Gold Marie; that’s a 9” ruler. The plants are growing quite a bit taller than advertised – at least 12′ vs an expected 8′ – making it a bit difficult to get to the highest growing beans which means back to the drawing board for some mod’s to the next bean trellis.
The garden is playing out, pretty much on schedule. The Cougar squash, cucumbers, and several of the tomato plants have about given their all to filling our fridge. Pulling the corn out stalk by stalk and gaining access to the underlying butternuts, many of those ready for harvest. Olivia is spending a week at the lake so she’s helping pick the garden and is holding the last few cucumbers and the first of the butternuts. She played bean catcher when I climbed a ladder to get at the higher pole beans. I’m still adding new peppers, okra, and eggplants but by the end of this month, it should be down to about 50% of total capacity. My plan is to leave most of the area unplanted for a couple of months and to start a few new ones from seed indoors. Right now I’m thinking tomatoes starting mid July, cucumbers and squash, mid August. It’s problematic putting in new starts in the summer heat but worth the effort if they will yield veggies towards the end of October. I’m also cogitating a new run at a corn patch. I have low expectations but do have old seed and plenty of space. butternutscucumbers

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