Pickin’ and Cookin’

Want to see what 30 pounds of tomatoes fresh off the vine looks like? Want to see what 30 pounds of tomato looks like after a trip through the food processor? So far this week – Monday and Thursday – we’ve picked a total of 60 pounds and prepared 32 quarts of spaghetti sauce. With this batch, we’re beginning to see the end – of the tomatoes and of freezer space. I’ll probably pick this much more before it totally plays out.
Right after getting the spaghetti sauce cooking, we start the zucchini bread. We were on a roll and the kitchen was a mess, so why not truck on. The pictures show the sequence from selecting the squash to slicing the squash to shredding it, mixing it with other ingredients and finally to baking it. The particular squash was the same giant 14” one shown in a previous post. We ended up using about 3/4 of that one squash to make all the bread loaves shown.

The end product this year is, to my taste, the best we’ve ever made and since Nancy always uses the same recipe, I have to attribute it to the variety of squash we’re using. This is the first time I’ve grown the Cavili squash so this is the first Cavili bread – maybe the first on record anywhere. This year we’ve made some with a mix of the light green Cavili and the light yellow Cougar which turned out just as good. What’s different this year is that the bread is really moist whereas in the past, I think it’s been drier. It may be that the water content in Cavili is higher than other varieties and it may be that it’s seedless. I also think the skin is softer even with these large ones and I don’t peel them. Whatever the reason, it’s a winner.

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