New Neighbors

Big news – picked a few ears of corn. It’s about 2 weeks early relative to the estimated harvest date but it’s starting to ripen nicely. It’s a bi-color variety and they really look good. There are two ears per stalk and probably 50-75 stalks reaching maturity in the next few weeks so we should be overdosing on corn in June.

Converted some Kale and Swiss Chard into Blueberries the other day. Alchemy. Nancy’s bridge partner grows blueberries so she keeps me covered during the season (now) and I reciprocate with the greens and other garden goodies. She’s about 85 and swears that it’s my veggies that keep her so healthy. Up until a few years ago she did her own small garden but it’s really too much for her now and she so appreciates the fresh produce. I do ok with the kale even though I don’t much care for it myself. Barbara makes a tasty Portuguese Kale soup and Wilma does the blueberries so it works out just fine and dresses up the garden.

Thirty two quarts of spaghetti sauce made to date and no sign of a let up in tomato production. I think a dozen tomato plants is over the top – note to me: cut back to eleven next year. I can pick ten pounds a day and the mix is shifting more to the San Marzano’s as the season progresses.

We have a new neighbor. I call him/her/them the Tuba’s. George’s fish ponds have attracted some rather large jumper frogs and they sound like someone is on his back porch playing the tuba. As the crow flies, we’re probably 250′ from his back porch but I can hear them as if they were on my porch. Techies know that low frequency sounds carry farther and this is probably a 20 hz song. George said that the pools are loaded with tad poles and frog eggs so things are only going to get better/worse depending on your perspective. Personally I love it and Nancy’s hearing isn’t what it used to be. I guess the croaking is also calling in some black snakes looking for frog legs, tadpoles, and/or eggs so he’s got a real eco system going on up there. Sure the population of raccoons is up too as evidenced by my second trash can disaster this month. I thought perhaps it was a bear but this time they got hold of one of Nancy’s Downy bottles and the tooth marks were way too small to be a bear. I guess just eating frogs and tadpoles doesn’t do it for them and they need a taste of home cooked garbage now and then.

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