Lots and lots of veggies

This is the first/most successful tomato crop I’ve had in Florida. Great looking, great tasting, and lots of them. In the past I’ve gotten a few but nothing ever lived up to expectations. Ditto the summer squash on all counts. I used previous seasons to decide how many to plant so now it’s becoming overwhelming. Nancy just got home from Salt Lake so the conversion of tomato to spaghetti sauce has started. I had enough tomatoes ready to generate two eight quart pots of sauce. Just in time since I was completely out of space – full fridge, full window sills, and half the counter space. The sauce also consumes loads of fresh basil and oregano. I suspect we’ll be able to repeat the sauce making at least 3 times before the tomatoes finally give it up. All of the varieties are indeterminate, which in tomato talk, means they continuously produce fruit. That contrasts to varieties that are determinate – all the fruit ripens at the same time and then the plant gives it up.
The picture provides a look at a typical morning harvest. The tomatoes are a variety called Whopper; the cucumber, Sweet Success; the yellow squash, Cougar; and the light green squash, Cavili. The seeds come from 4 different seed suppliers. Along the way I’ve sifted through many varieties and these have come to the top. What I don’t know is whether the varieties I’ve weeded out would be good performers now that the soil problems have been corrected. I’m thinking that might be the case because I’m having 100% kind of success this year with both new and old varieties and, in the past, there’s always been a few drop outs. One type of squash that I’ve had zero success with and dropped from my “try it” list is Acorn squash. Now I’m sorry I didn’t put in a plant or two. It’s way too late in the season to start any now – even if I had the space.

Other new goings on include picking the first jalapeno, spotting the first baby eggplants and the arrival of copious blossoms on both the green and yellow pole beans. Jack and his beanstalks have nothing on me.

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