The big feast

Olivia voted in favor of an Italian Easter this year which meant a lake event. As it turned out we’ll be celebrating both the Christian Easter and the Greek Orthodox Easter with the Italian feast part happening with the Greeks. Tom and Tina hosted the traditional Easter gathering in Lake Mary this year. Nancy and I decided to go for a big event and have ravioli instead of something simpler like baked ziti which we discussed. Every couple of years we get up the courage to do a big ravioli feast which means making it all from scratch – right from the basic flour. We’ve done it often enough now that we have it down to a science and work together like a finely oiled machine. We’re expecting 10-12 for dinner so we targeted 50 ravioli but actually made 67. It’s not an exact science but we ended up with almost an even match between the pasta dough and the filling. Along with meatballs, braciola, and pork ribs, we’ve got the makings for a large antipasto and Tina is bringing Tiramisu for dessert. Tom is picking up ciabatta rolls so we’re dago from start to finish. Nancy made the sauce a week ago to give it plenty of time to blend and the ravioli were done a day in advance. So the only thing remaining is to boil the pasta, heat the sauce, and construct the antipasto. When we were younger and so much less clever, we would do it all on the day of the feast and be totally worn out and frazzled by eating time. This way we have to smooze with the guests and still turn out a fantastic meal.

The other great thing about this year is that Simon is coming up and planning to stay here for a week of heavy duty fishing. Bass fishing, snook fishing, surf fishing, crabbing – you name it and we’ll be casting for it. He’s bringing the VW camper into which we’ll shoehorn two kayaks and our gear. I’m stoked about that.

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