From beach to garden

From beach to garden. Got home and found that George had picked all the potatoes. I knew they were about ready so wasn’t too surprised. Good thing too. I had ordered sweet potato slips and they were supposed to be shipped April 25, more or less when I expected to pick the regular potatoes. But they were shipped early so picking the others a few days early turned out to be a good thing. We ended up getting in the neighborhood of 30 pounds of potatoes so I have to rank that as a total success.

Another piece of good news is that when I started tilling the row where the potatoes had grown, I found it loaded with earth worms. That’s a significant sign that the soil is rich and heavily organic. Up until this point, there were zero worms and I was fairly well convinced that I’d have to buy some to prime the pump. I still might do that because the worms I have now are really skinny worms and not the kind you can fish with. I was going to add some big, juicy variety when I was confident the soil would support them – I am now.

At this point the garden is full – no available space for planting. The only “old” crop still producing are the brussels. I give them another 2 weeks at most and that row will quickly be converted to okra. The plants under the insect/frost covers seem to be doing just fine, we’ve started picking squash and the first cucumber hits the salad bowl this week. No doubt about it, the garden is producing at a much higher rate than at this same time last year. Unless something happens, and it always can, we are about to be overwhelmed with squash and tomatoes. The corn is looking good – 2′ tall and growing fast. Ditto the pole beans. I’m guessing we’ll be into both by early June. Green peppers of several varieties by mid May.

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