bluefish-21<img src="×225.jpg&quot; alt="nice-blue" title="nice-blue" width="300" height="225"
Finally broke the ice. The headless guy in the pic is me, promise. Caught 3 and lost that many so it was a good afternoon. So I broke in the new rod on a high note which bodes well for it's future. It would have forever been a suspicious outfit had the first fish been a catfish but a nice blue………………… Starting to see some mullet in the surf and that usually means the blues will be following in closely.

What I love about the beach is that people move to a different rhythm. I think it's tidal; Or for some it's wave height; or wind direction. But for sure not on the standard 60 minute, 24 hour clock. When are we going to eat? About two hours after high tide. Some people are high tide people and some are low tide. Some only move when the surf is big and booming. We had an early breakfast, 2 hours before high tide to be exact, and sat in the pier restaurant looking out at the surfers riding the boomers. Late yesterday afternoon the wind was blowing strongly from the south, right along the coast and that brought out the sail/parachute surfers. What a show. It's a good thing I grew up before all the surfing stuff arrived on the scene or I'd probably have turned out totally different. I don't see how I ever could have fit in school or work.

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