Humiliated. I was up early fishing for blues and catching nothing. About two hours into it, an osprey dived about 50′ from me and came up with a bluefish that looked to be about 2 pounds. I’m saying to myself, ok, the fish are moving in, hang onto the rod tighter. Still nothing. About a half hour later, another osprey pulls the exact same move on me. Both times, my bait was within 50′ of where the osprey picked off the blues. I know they’re fishing for a living but still……………….
The pic shows the new deck extension on the upstairs apartment. I’m showing that pic because I don’t have any fish pics. Everything is perfect – the weather, the surf, water temp- all perfect but no fish. No bites, no baits lost. It’s not just me. All the fishermen I talk to say the same thing. Even tried last night after dark. With night fishing you just walk towards the ocean and stop when your feet hit the water then cast out as far as you can. No problem. Getting back up and finding the stairway up the dunes is a bit more challenging. No bugs so it was really nice. Not sure what I would have done if I had caught one and had to deal with it in the pitch black. If I do that again, I’ll bring a flashlight.

We hit our second favorite brunch spot yesterday and Nancy had the Kahlua French toast again. Then she went off to play bridge in Palm Coast and I beached. Her partner from Crescent City came over and they won first place in both the A and B divisions. Sounded like some hustlers coming over and fleecing the locals to me.

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