Beach house changes

According to the fishing column in the paper the blues are “thick” in the surf. Wouldn’t you take that to mean there were lots of them? So far I would be saying “thin” or “few and far between”. That’s after my first hour and with the wind blowing hard from the south so it may be too soon to reach any conclusions. One of the neighbors here that I’ve come to know walked down to the surf to greet me and said they’ve been banging them hard at high tide in the early evening – but that was before the wind started blowing. He’s convinced me that before it’s over, I’ll have loaded up the cooler. Even so, the first evening was a success. Managed to catch a couple of whiting and test the new outfit. It exceeded every expectation. I can cast it a mile – helped that the wind was at my back – and it didn’t wear me out. Exactly what I was trying to accomplish. I know that it will be cranking in some serious blues this week.

The place itself has changed a bit. The owners have moved to Atlanta and converted the upstairs, where they lived, into another rental. They built a really nice large deck as part of the upstairs renovation and put all new living room furniture down. It’s always been nice and comfortable but now even more so. They changed the password to access the internet but we overcame that rather quickly – and they switched to Bright House so the internet is quite a bit faster. We know all the neighbors by now so it’s like coming home. Even the neighborhood beach dogs come running up and jump on me. One of our favorite restaurants, JT’s, added an early bird-happy hour from 3 to 6PM, so that will be giving Flagler Fish Company some competition for our business. Our local breakfast place added oatmeal-raisin pancakes to the menu so I had to give it a try. Very tasty but one goes a long way!

And the iPod does well on the beach so I can be totally zoned out while fishing or walking the beach. I have this overriding concern that somehow it will end up in the ocean before the week’s over but this is exactly the reason I have it so…………….. The FM radio feature works well. It doesn’t pick-up anything at home but here there’s several local stations – not the XM Coffee House but listenable.

Brand new Great Great Niece. Megan had her first last night and Nancy tells me all is well. The baby’s name is Allie Marie – what a pretty name.

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