Back to Chem 102

Simon called from Gainesville the other day and invited me up to hear his chem professor give a lecture on Nano Science. Turns out this guy was listed in some prestigious magazine as one of the top 100 chemists in the US and his specialty is nano chemistry. Simon has been praising this guys teaching skills all semester. Tom hit one of the lectures a few weeks back and said he was incredibly good. I happen to think nano technology is perhaps the hottest new technology and will shape much of the future so I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The plan was for Nancy to play bridge as usual on Friday and me to take off for Gainesville. Instead, just before leaving for bridge, the game was canceled so she decided to join me at the lecture. The hookup with Simon went perfectly and we arrived about a half hour early. I had left plenty of time to cover a bad parking situation which didn’t materialize. Turns out the lecture and the prof lived up to or exceeded expectations. From my perspective, I found it interesting, informative and entertaining. I knew 90% of the material covered and, judging by the interaction with the student body, more than most of the students around us. They seemed really inattentive and distracted by other things and it made me wonder if I had the same fidgetitus when I sat in chem lectures 50 years ago. That would explain why I struggled with chemistry – that plus the heavily accented evil Russian prof I had. I wasn’t sure how Nancy would like a one hour chemistry lecture but she loved it and got a good basic introduction to the technology. I could tell by the questions that she asked on the ride home that a good bit of it had sunk in.

In the March 29 post I mentioned that a mouse had constructed a nest in the trunk of our car. I loaded a mouse trap with cheese and set about trying to catch the little culprit. I checked on the trap every day for a week or so and no luck so I guessed it was a one time thing and the mouse had moved on to bigger and better places. We decided to take that car up to Gainesville and needed to put something in the trunk. Got him (or her). I’m going to load up the trap and put it back just in case one of his siblings or buddies decides to take up residence there. I still can’t imagine how they can get in there.

Correction to the post describing Chris’ new job. He will manage the 34th street store. That’s the corporate headquarters and an easy commute. He has a 10 minute walk from his place to the PATH train which drops him off right at 34th across from the store. He sounds very excited about the moves.

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