New happenings

Next week we head for our “spring break” in Flagler Beach. I’m looking forward to this vacation so I can break in my new surf gear and give the ipod/Bose combo some serious run time. I’ve heard rumblings that the blues are in the surf – wouldn’t that be a kick. I’m 1000% ready for that action. The timing is perfect garden wise. Nothing much going on right now but by the time we get back from the beach, the potatoes and first squash of the season should be ready to harvest and it’s possible, not for sure but possible, that we’ll be picking the first tomatoes and the first cucumbers.
The pic is the new pole bean trellis system using my PVC pipe design. I combined the pipe with bamboo poles so I guess that makes it a hybrid. I’m growing the same variety of green beans that were so successful last fall, Smeraldo, along with a new (to me)yellow variety, Gold Marie. I’m happy so far with the whole PVC concept and, along with the bean trellis, have several tomato cages constructed and cross supports for the insect netting over the squash plants. You can see all that if you look closely at the picture. It’s working out exactly as I had hoped.

Lots of family news. Chris took a new job. He was the NY/NJ District Manager for Origins, a division of Estee Lauder. He rose through the ranks there for the past 8 years, starting as a temp sales clerk to pick up some extra Christmas money. He was recruited by another cosmetic company, Sephora, and finally succumbed to their offers. He will be the manager of either the Times Square store or the Soho (a section of NYC). store.These stores each do about 5 times the business his entire district does now so this is a nice jump in responsibility. It just so happens that he’s also moving to a new apartment in Jersey City – both moves within days of each other. The neighborhood he’s moving to is nicer than where he currently resides and is close to where he lived a few years back. Both times we visited him, we ate at a great neighborhood bar/restaurant just down the street from his new apartment. So basically he’s starting with a clean slate – new job, new digs.

Joey and Mark sold the boat. Joey had gone back to work for the airlines about a year ago and it was too big a drag on Mark to run the business by himself plus it’s looking like Mark will be recalled to American Airlines in the fall. That plus they were tired of living on the boat and wanted to get back to adding real estate to their rental empire in Cocoa. Made the first addition a couple months back and have remodeled it back to dollhouse status – even installed hard wood floors throughout. The folks who bought the boat live in Annapolis, MD and want it delivered to Norfolk VA so there’s one last long cruise ahead for them. Mark has identified the next boat building project, a smaller, 30′ cat. This time a power boat.

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