Fishing report

One super bene to the ipod/Bose pairing is completely shutting out the yippee dog that lives on the lake and insists on barking continuously when I’m fishing. I did a test this morning and my volume control wins. On top of that, bagged several bass.

Bass fishing in the lake this year is unusual. It’s always been typical to expect either nothing in an hour or so (not biting at all) or 3-4 hits per hour. Inside the 3-4 hit days, the majority would be juveniles, 2 pounds and smaller, and maybe one strike from a larger fish, say 2-5 pounds. In a few hours of this level of fishing, perhaps one monster bass would appear. For whatever reason this year, three out of four hits will be fish in the 4 pound plus class with maybe one juvenile. Doesn’t seem to matter much what part of the lake I’m hitting, same results. And I do just as well at noon as I do at daybreak or sunset – normally the middle of the day you might as well be napping but this year the fishing’s just as good mid day. It’s spawning season and these large fish are females, with a belly full of eggs. No mistaking that when they jump or I’m removing them from the hook. I’m guessing this means lots of small bass for the next couple of seasons. I had worried that the very low lake level was going to screw up the fishing this season but apparently it’s had just the opposite affect. So all this time I’ve been bemoaning the low lake level, I didn’t understand exactly what a boon it was going to be.

Went out to check the garden this morning and found that it had been attacked by a herd of killer armadillos. I had planted 2 new egg plants last night and sure enough both had been dug up. Not sure why they chose to dig there but it often happens that they dig exactly where I make a new planting. They don’t eat the plant so about half the time I’m able to successfully replant but it’s still frustrating. Doubly so in this case, because one of the egg plants is a variety that I’ve had a hard time with. It’s a heritage variety called Louisiana Longs and last year I wasn’t able to bring even one to fruiting. They are incredibly long in the germination process and maybe a third actually make it that far. Even then, they don’t do well on transplant. last year all of them crashed within a month of transplant. I’ve tried to counter that this year by leaving them indoors longer so the plants are quite a bit larger starting out. So I’m taking this armadillo event personally.

Put out some garden beautification plants today. There’s a spectacular variety of Marigolds that I learned about 15 years ago in Utah. I grew them here one year and they did ok but my focus shifted from what I was planting to getting the soil conditioned. That job is on target and the ground is in nominally good shape so I decided to doll it up a bit with a couple dozen Inca Marigolds. When mature they are nearly 2′ tall with full blossoms of 4”. If all goes as expected, the garden will be a showplace – check for pic’s in a couple of months.

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