Power restored

The great storm I mentioned last post finally ended. We got about 2 1/2” of rain before all was said and done and the power was restored about 4PM – 24 hours later. In two days the rain total was 3 1/4” which was badly needed. I refueled the generator at noon and got a good calibration on how much fuel the generator uses under the modest load we have; TV, fridge, freezer, a few lights, the computer and, most importantly, the well and septic tank pumps. Looks like a half gallon an hour is about right. The tank on the generator is 5 gallons so we can run 8-10 hours comfortably. I think I have 14 gallons on standby so that would get us a couple of days if need be. Plenty of propane for the Holland and stuff to grill. About the only real inconvenience was not having hot water for a shower. The weather was such that we wouldn’t have been using either heat or air conditioning anyway. If you hadn’t known, there was really no difference between running on the generator or having the regular power service. The generator provides 5600 watts continuous and 8000 surge watts, very adequate for our needs. I was ok with the whole thing but Nancy was not pleased that instead of her regular viewing, such as Regis and Kelly, all that was broadcasting was storm info, all channels, all the time. I didn’t really feel her pain since I had the XM radio with Fox News and the Bose headsets. That’s all I need for a peaceful survival mode. If things really turned bad, there’s cold beer in the fridge.

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