Life in the woods.

Had kind of an exciting weekend. We were invited to a party Saturday afternoon with some very old GD friends. Turns out I had way toooooo much party and was attacked by killer wine. I remember the early part of the event but it gets foggier toward the end. I guess there were some political discussions in which I got a bit “out of control”. I know better since all these folks are staunch Dem’s and I was probably the only regular guy there. So if any of you are reading this, which I kind of doubt, I’m sorry. I paid the price on Sunday with the worst hangover of my career. And that’s saying something. I pretty much stopped drinking except for an occasional beer or sip of wine so clearly I’ve lost my touch. Over that same time I’ve dropped a few pounds and maybe my new thinner body isn’t as good at soaking up the sauce as my fat one was. I wasn’t catching much slack from my bride but she did come up with a pill that allowed me to turn the corner by Sunday evening.

Then Sunday night we’re sitting in the living room watching TV and I got up to get something and spotted a snake crawling across the kitchen floor and into the living room. Now that gets your attention big time. I knew right away that it was a smallish corn snake – totally harmless unless you have a heart attack when you see it. It slithered underneath the couch where I was unable to deal with it. Of course Nancy is just a bit panicked and I’m not totally happy with the idea of having to live with a snake in the house, harmless or not. I also couldn’t lift the couch and deal with the snake at the same time. So Nancy called our neighbor and he grabbed the snake while I lifted the couch.

On Monday we decided to head to Costco and to the Apple Store in Altamonte to have my macbook checked out for some mysterious lock up problems. We decided to take the Mercury since we hadn’t driven it in a month or so. When I opened the trunk to load in a cooler, there was a big nest of ripped up kleenex, no doubt the work of a mouse. The actual source of the kleenex was in the back seat of the car so somehow the rodent got into a locked car, found the kleenex and then found a way into the trunk for the perfect building spot. Amazing. I removed the nest, which had no signs at all of ever being used, and replaced it with a trap so if he comes back and has a hankering for cheese, bam.

Never a dull moment living in the woods.

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