How to win my vote

Planted corn. I’ve not had much luck in the past but the conditions are quite a bit different than the last time I tried. With the expanded size, I can afford to use the space experimentally. The worst that can happen is what’s happened before – great plants but no decent corn. In that case, I have a large crop of compost to look forward to. The chipper does a great job of converting corn stalks to compost. I’m planting a new, super sweet, bi-color variety called Mirai. Would probably make more sense to plant an old standby but I’m going right for the big score. Also, I’m going to underplant the corn with winter squash. Supposedly that works just fine and the squash actually cools the roots a bit from the summer heat. I’m going to plant the same butternut variety that did so well last fall along with a spaghetti squash. So with that double use of the space, my chances of getting something should be enhanced.

Spent a full day working leaves. Our driveway is roughly 500′ long x 20′ wide counting the turn around circle. It’s tree lined, both sides for most of that with mostly oak but a few camphor trees, bay trees, pine trees and several unnamed species. I’m sure the number of trees adjacent or close to the driveway must be close to 100. And they are all constantly shedding leaves so you might expect that if you don’t keep on top of it, the leaves would pile up fairly deeply. About once a year I do a major leaf attack blowing them off the driveway and into the forest. I had planned to run a goodly number through the shop vac leaf mulcher but that would be a small piece of the total. Instead my neighbor came over with his John Deere tractor lawn mower with a dual bagger and volunteered to pick them up and give me the results for mulch. So I took the blower and steered the leaves to the center of the driveway where George then ran them over with the mower. His bags are each 25 gallons so a pass yielded 50 gallons of chopped leaves. We ended up with a dozen bags – an enormous pile of leaves. I used about half filling in the trenches between garden rows and the balance split between my two working mulch piles. I never stopped from 9AM until 3PM and was totally whipped by the time I hung it up. It’s the kind of job that you have to do non-stop because if you stop it’s really hard to get started again. Plus we almost always have a breeze so it only takes a few hours for the leaves to scatter again.

A bit of garden trivia – I planted corn seeds on Sunday PM and spotted a few sprouts Friday AM, really fast germination.

I’ve decided how I’m going to choose who to support for president in 2012. Whichever candidate pledges to eliminate ethanol subsidies gets my vote. There is nothing more stupid than ethanol subsidies – nothing,nada, zippo. Well wait, maybe subsidizing electric cars is a contender. If either of these made any sense at all, they wouldn’t need subsidies.

One thought on “How to win my vote

  1. I gathered about 20 bagas of oak leaves between two rentals.. they now reside in my backyard surrounding my newly planed vibernums


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