Spring Garden happening.

Great time to be a windmill salesman in Japan. What would it take, 10,000 windmills to replace a nuke plant? Not sure if you covered the whole country with solar cells, coast to coast, it would yield the power of one nuke – especially not at night. Sorry Al, but it’s back to coal. Maybe a hybrid where the coal generates the power and the windmills blow the pollution out to sea. Seems like most of the people already wear breathing filters so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Now in full spring garden mode. Pulled out all the PVC I used to hold the frost covers and started reconfiguring the pieces to become tomato cages and pole bean support structures. I did leave a few in the crop cover mode and have actually put covers over the first zucchini plants – not for temperature protection but rather insect protection. I’ve had significant squash losses in the past due to boring critters. Seems like if I can get them past the nematodes, the arial attackers finish the job. I’m using the same cover material that I use for frost protection which could be a mistake. Although it’s very light material, 0.5 oz per square yard, it’s not the lightest I could use. It will raise the temperature over the covered area by a couple of degrees which I’m hoping is not a big deal for the next month and will also cut the light transmission by about 13%. Saying that another way – the cloth has a light transmissivity of 87%. Usually for the next couple of months our sky is cloudless so I’m hoping the 13% attenuation is not going to cause problems. I could get lighter cloth with nearly zero heat buildup and 95% light transfer (0.4 oz per square yard) but I hate to buy more stuff to move and store when not in use. I’m going to put covers over several different plant types and see what happens. In the best case, the covered plants will thrive and produce phenomenal crops; in the worst case the covered plants will cook. I’ll also plant the same varieties and leave them uncovered for comparison purposes.

A friend of mine, a hot pepper fan, brought me seeds from what he proclaims to be the hottest pepper known to man. He wants me to try to grow plants from the seeds so I’m going to give it a go. Can’t guarantee the seeds will actually germinate and can’t guarantee that even if they do, the peppers will be reproductions of the parent plant but what the hell, may as well give it a shot. I have a nephew who is also into super hots so if these are successful, I’ll see that he has a full supply.

Had a nice birthday event at the lake yesterday – combined Tom and Tina. The highlights of the day (for me) were the ciappino and Tom catching a nice bass.

Doesn’t it seem like the winner of the TV show “Biggest Loser” should be the person who loses the least amount of weight?

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