Bike week

You’ve always known that having bamboo shoots rammed up your fingernails would be very painful. Trust me, it is.

Caught a big reprieve in the garden. I had mentioned setting aside a sizable chunk of garden space for sweet potatoes which I anticipated to arrive the end of February. I gave it until the second week of March then called to check on the delivery and learned that it was really April 25, not Feb 25 as they’d told me a few months back. That frees up plenty of space for my cucumbers and squash so I can get those seeds going now. I have enough space for the potatoes when they arrive where I now have cabbage and cauliflower that are about 6 weeks away from being ready – so it all dovetails nicely. I also like it to have found another crop that does well in the heat – the sweets. At least they told me they do well in the heat. It’s a 100 day crop which means a harvest in August. Usually in August everything is history due to the heat and humidity so now we can add this crop to the okra, peppers, eggplant, and cherry tomatoes – the only others I’ve found that can handle August. Now all that’s needed is a gardener that can handle August.

The bass fishing is turning on pretty good. I go out for an hour or so a couple times a day, when the spirit moves me, and have routinely been picking up three or four each time. Mostly they’re smallish but an occasional monster keeps my attention. I’m fishing exclusively out of the poke boat and sticking with top water plunking, my favorite way to fish. If I were purely fishing for meat or if they were just not hitting the top, I’d be pitching 7” red shad plastic worms. That’s not as much fun but, time and time again, proves to be the most productive way for this lake.

I’d love to be over the beach right now surf fishing but that’s off limits. Starting in early Feb, Daytona and most beach areas are banged hard with tourists. First it’s the Speed Week crowd, followed, almost without break, by the Bike Week crowd, which actually overlaps with Spring Break. Spring Break is the worst because it’s not a fixed event but generally fills the season from March on into mid April. Each of these events brings in upwards of 500,000 people and they are either filling the restaurants and bars or crowding the roads and beaches.

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