Garden space issues

Attended Olivia’s Confirmation on Monday so she is now an official Catholic. Came off without a hitch. We all did Happy Hour at Fish Bonz to prepare ourselves. That was a nice experience because it was set on a large veranda and consisted of a nice menu of appetizers, mostly seafood based, and a good selection of adult beverages. At Tom’s recommendation I tried a draft beer named “Real Good Red”. True to it’s name, it was Real Good. There were 6 of us so the appetizer orders included a nice sampling of goodies such as as raw oysters, fried frog legs, calamari, shrimp cocktails, and sushi. Personally I enjoyed that much more than a sit down dinner inside the restaurant.

I’m officially out of space in the garden. Considering that I added about 30% growing space compared to this time last year, I would not have guessed I’d face this situation. Most of the problem comes from a decision to plant more space consuming varieties this year. For example I’ve planted twice as many potatoes this year based on success with a small, experimental patch last year. And I’ve decided to try corn again, which uses almost 200SF. Putting in 12 sweet potato plants, the smallest number you can purchase, uses 90 SF. When I ordered them I didn’t research the spacing requirements. Last year I made a big mistake by planting eggplants too close together so correcting that, costs more space. The other cause of my current problem is that the uber cold winter slowed the growth of many of the winter crops and those are a month away from finishing off whereas my fall planning had them over and done just about now. I’m just now starting to pick Brussels sprouts and my plan had them just about done. Ditto peas. March is going to be a big, big month in terms of harvesting.
The pictures will give you an idea of what’s going in terms of space consumption. If you’ve wondered about the potatoes, they’re the crop on the extreme right in the picture labeled full garden 2. Obviously they’ve fully recovered from the frost bite. A bit of potato trivia – the Yukon Golds are about twice the size of the reds even though they were planted later. The plants are about 18” tall so far and I really have no idea just how large they’ll get.

Thought you might want to see some of the exotic lettuce we’re growing. The green variety with the flashes of red is called Flashy Butter Oak. Behind that is a red leaf variety, Danyelle, and behind that is a butter crunch called Sylvesta. They taste better than they look, if you can imagine that.
Politics – The return of the Carter administration is now in full bloom. Domestic oil drilling has been stopped, the middle east is blowing up, we’re converting food (corn) to fuel instead of drilling for it. Sound familiar? So where does it go – history says gas prices blow up along with food prices and interest rates climb sharply – tanking the economy. I guess the only good news is that Carter was a one term Pres and we got Reagan after that. Just a shame we have to be put through these history repeats.

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