Kitchen Garden

Doesn’t every kitchen have an area for starting veggie plants? Nancy seems to think this is unnatural. I guess it would be weird if I changed all the light bulbs into growing lamps. Sure, I agree changing all of them would be weird but just a few…………… The current indoor crop is pictured.
I’m a light sleeper so even a little light or sound wakes me up. This time of year that means just about 6AM when the sun starts peeking out and the early birds start chirping. We have a new bird variety this year, the snickerdoodle bird. I call it that because the call is snickerdoodle, snickerdoodle, snickerdoo, doo, doo. It has the same pitch as the Burrito birds but that doesn’t start till later in the afternoon. Is it possible that baby Burrito birds are calling for snickerdoodles until they mature? Also had an unusual sand hill crane sighting this morning. My sister called the other day and said she read that they were an endangered species. Wow, I had 3 groups fly overhead this morning on the brief trip to the mailbox, with one of the groups actually landing in the field across from the house. I sure see lots of them. If I visit my sister 90 miles away, I see them pecking around on her lawn; over at Tommy’s 50 miles away, loads of sand Hills. When congress is looking for budgets to cut, I’m suggesting they go after the Endangered Species crowd and the Global Warming crowd.

I mentioned that I had covered the potatoes the other night when there was a frost alert. They seem to have survived but for sure got hammered again. I didn’t cover anything else and nothing was damaged so the potatoes are particularly sensitive. That really is surprising (to me). When you think of potatoes, you think of Idaho or Maine and when you think of those places, you think cold weather. I called the Ag center to see if they suggested just leaving well enough alone or trimming off the dead foliage. Answer, trim off the dead stuff.

Put two tomato plants into the main garden under the walls of water. I have plenty of reserves but wanted to get something going early. If these work, next year I’ll try something really bold and put some out the first of January. That means starting them mid November. Usually my head is deep in cabbage and not thinking tomatoes at that time so I’ll have to post a note to self.

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