Killer spec lure

More storms – the kind with several inches of rain and tornado watches. The kind that has the weather radio chirping and all the TV stations switching from regular programming to street by street reporting on how hard the wind is blowing. The doppler radar was showing this purple blob heading directly toward us and the weather caster was actually saying it was heading directly for Pierson and Barberville and would hit at 2:41PM. That was at 2:38. The radar is so precise that when they zoomed in, our road and lake showed. Now that’s scary. The blob actually passed about 1/4 mile north of us but it certainly got our attention. We need the rain but…………. The situation I have is particularly irksome. The lake is so low I have had to move the boat out from under the dock and onto the shore which means that when it rains, the boat fills. Usually this time of year that’s a non issue but for whatever reason, even though it’s the dry season, it’s raining. I’ve added boat bailing to my exercise routine. What I need to do is rig some kind of a ramp to pull the boat up out of the water so I can just pull the plug and let it drain. I’ll do that tomorrow after bailing out this latest thousand gallons.

Nancy dragged me off to Walmart the other day. She needed some sewing stuff and wanted me to buy a top off card for the Virgin Mobile internet system and to get a memory stick for the new camera. Can you believe they sell a point and shoot camera that can’t be used until you purchase memory? I read in the camera manual that with 2 GB the camera will store 1200+ pictures. That’s more pictures than we’ve taken in the last 20 years combined. And I don’t ever remember having even 10 pictures stored in the camera before dumping them into the computer. Armed with that info, I was looking for maybe 100 MB. Turns out the least amount I could buy was 2GB. Kind of like buying a car without tires and then finding they only sell tires in 6 packs.

I also needed some small snap swivels to attach lures to my spec trolling gear. I have always just tied the lures onto the line without a swivel but the new, high tech line is so fine that it’s really hard for me to tie the knots needed. Especially when I’m out in the boat and it’s rocking a bit. I picked up the swivels and decided to kill a minute or two studying the lure selection. One caught my eye. It had my name and speckled perch written all over it. I’ve used a lure called a rattle-L-trap for bass but this was a micro sized, 1/8 oz version. The color was diamond shadow and it had one other distinction. It was $4.16 and all the other micro rattle-l-traps were $3.96. I knew it had to be the finish which made it look much more natural than the other ones so I went for the big buy. So far in two days, I’ve caught 3 spec’s and two large bream on this little darlin’ so I’m ok with the decision.

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