Flood Insurance Closure?

Flood Insurance saga – the final chapter. When I last visited this issue, I had resubmitted a newly acquired Elevation Certificate to FEMA. That survey cost $250. At that point the status was that my coverage had been dropped to $19,000 for a cost of $500 and the bank was going to force a $2000 policy on me to get the coverage back up to replacement value. Today I got a doc from the Insurance company saying my certificate passed FEMA muster and that my insurance for full coverage was going to cost $272 per year. Along with that was a check for $313 covering the overpayment I had made. So from a Flood Insurance perspective, I’m back to exactly where I was 8 years ago.

Got started on my bride’s Valentine present. She wants a swatch of jungle removed so that from her recliner she can look out and see the lake. She got two swatches for Christmas this year but I’m going to do the Valentine Day project just a bit different. Last time I did the work in one, three day marathon when she was away on a quilting trip. I paid for that with a sore back for about a month. This time my plan is to have it finished by the magic day but to have gotten there over an extended period. Same amount of work, same number of calories expended but easier on the back.

Have an interesting critter/garden thing going on. Last week I noticed that something had dug a hole between two newly planted lettuces. Not a big hole, but maybe 3-4” across and about that deep. Luckily whatever dug it was not after the lettuce and avoided doing any really damage. It was inside a low wire fence so I guessed it was a bird. I filled in the hole and smoothed it over. Next morning, the hole was right back in the same spot. Filled it and kept an eye on the spot from the kitchen window. Shortly thereafter a tiny squirrel hopped in and started digging in the same spot. I went out and he scooted away. This time I put a piece of wood over the hole and figured that would solve it. Nope, he just moved the stick and dug the hole. I can’t let this go so I’m putting a brick over the hole. I’m not sure whether the squirrel is trying to retrieve bounty from a previous stash or if he’s digging a hole to make deposits but either way, he needs to go find a less intrusive spot.

Had to cover up again for a one-two night frost event. I took a peak under the covers and found the potato’s doing just fine. I really didn’t think it was going to get all that cold but no sense taking the chance. Did get the last of the peas planted before I had to cover up. So the final tally is 3 different varieties, an English green pea, a chinese snow pea, and an edible pod sugar snap. I planted 16′ of each with each variety at a different time and within each variety, made 2 or 4 plantings to create even more time spacing. Except for the very last planting, all previous ones are germinated and started their climb upward on trellises. If the weather cooperates, we would have the first green beans popping when the last of the peas are done or at least with only a minimal gap. That’s a delicate balance because the beans love heat and the peas crater in it.

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