Potato wipeout?

One surprise when I took the covers off the garden – 100% wipeout of the potatoes; everything else doing just fine. Now I know how the Irish felt when their potato crops crashed 100+ years ago. I can’t say if it was the cold that killed the potatoes or a lack of water for 4 days. I also don’t know whether they are history underground or if they’ll sprout new greenery. I have to wonder about the status of the newer spuds I planted that hadn’t reached the surface yet. It certainly wasn’t as cold as a couple weeks ago and everything made it then so…………. I looked back on my history files and noted that I had planted the potatoes Jan 1 last year and I know they went through some serious cold last winter so the water theory may have some validity. I’ll give the patch a week or so and if nothing seems to be happening, I’ll replant and try again. The weather guy last night said we’ve had more hard freezes in the last 12 months than the previous 9 years combined. I can believe that.

Update – The second batch of potatoes that had still not sprouted when I pulled the covers did indeed sprout today. So the ground cover/mulch apparently kept the unsprouted potatoes warm enough to survive. I haven’t 100% given up on ones in the apparently dead area but so far, nothing happening. My hope is that the surfaced foliage was clobbered but the base plants make it.

Finally getting some rain. We’ve actually picked up about 3” this week which is pretty good for this time of year. Every drop helps the lake and this latest storm, coming up from the south, is bringing along warmer weather so all is happy.

Learned something interesting this week – learned by reading and by experience. The other night Nancy baked one of the butternut squashes that I picked in October. We had eaten one right after picking and weren’t impressed with the quality so the other four we had just sat around. This recent one was excellent – nice texture, nice color, and sweet taste. It just so happened that I was looking in a seed catalog to check what was new in the world of butternuts and read that you should let them sit for two months after picking for the best flavor. Sure wish I had read that two months ago. Luckily we have more in the queue.

Finished the first two months of the $20/GB Walmart deal on Virgin Mobile. We used less than half of the 1 GB allotment in both months so that deal is perfect for us and I hope it becomes a permanent option. We dropped AOL altogether which drops the net increase for the higher speed to $8/month. That’s about where I think it should be priced. Nancy facebooks’ her little heart out, browses the quilt sites, and opens all those annoying video things that people forward and still we’re not coming close to using it all.

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