Low Lake Pic’s

Had another otter happening. I was out in the boat trolling for specs, hearing this strange sound. Sounded like someone noisily eating with loud chomps intermixed with sneezes. I’m trying to figure what in the world I’m hearing when I catch sight of movement in the lilly pads and up on a stump. It was a big otter chowing down on something. When he spotted me, he slipped off the stump and headed right towards the boat, spitting and sneezing with his head and neck way above the water line. I quickly reeled in since I was afraid he would get tangled up in the lines, a potential disaster. Then I spotted a second, smaller otter back in the pads. So I think I must have been too close to a nest and the big guy was warning me away. He followed me for quite a bit and was within about 25′ of the boat so he clearly wasn’t the least bit afraid of me. He then headed back to the area where I first spotted them. I did a big loop then headed back towards that same spot and sure enough, he swam out to greet me again. Bet in a couple of months there will be a few more little otters swimming around. Several years back there was a family of 5 swimming around in the spring. They were there all the time and then one day just disappeared so it seems that they make the appearance at the start of winter and then head for other waters when the time’s right. What was also neat was a couple of owls flitting around in the trees in the same general area. Big guys too. I frequently hear owls but it’s not too common to actually see them flying around during the day. Probably has something to do with the weather.

The pictures are intended to give you an idea of the water level at the dock. It’s now within a few inches of an all time low from our perspective. My neighbor says it’s the lowest since he’s been here – 1984.
The pic that shows the base of the cypress tree is interesting since that tree normally sits in 2-3′ of water.

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