A new ice age starts

I’m getting nervous that 2010 is going to go down in history as the start of the next ice age. I’m waiting for the more subtle signs, such as elephants starting to grow hair as their tusks get longer and more curved. Or the front fangs of tigers growing noticeably longer and more saber like. I can see me trading in my 0.5 oz garden cover cloth for the 1.0 oz grade.

Went out and made one last rescue harvest on the citrus and created an incredible blend of juice. It mixed red and white grapefruit, tangerines, and satsumas. The result looks like a light orange juice but tastes as good as it gets, maybe better. We’re having company for dinner tonight and I can see a few vodka and juices starting the evening off. And probably finishing it as well. It’s like that last batch of spaghetti sauce Nancy created – this blend of juices can never be duplicated. Even by me since I didn’t write down the exact mix. One fear I have is that it’s scheduled to get so cold tonight that it could take out one or more citrus trees. What a heartbreak that would be.

Sometimes I think my bride has a screw loose. When you come down our driveway you are greeted by a flag hanging off a tree mounted pole. We (she) have different flags for different seasons. Nancy loves to buy them but then it becomes my responsibility to change them as the time dictates or to repair it when the UPS guy loses it careening down the driveway. She got a new Christmas flag last week so I guess that means it’s time for the pumpkin and scarecrow flag to come down. So this morning, as is my custom, I headed up to the road to get the paper and about halfway down the road I hear Nancy yelling and waving the flag. That’s a clue that she expects me to come back, get the flag, and hang it. Trouble is we’re experiencing 35 degree temps and gale force winds. That means the wind chill factor is -1000 degrees. Is it sane to expect me to get involved with a flag hanging project under these conditions? I think not. I’m really just fine with pumpkins; it is still fall you know, frigid temps notwithstanding.

I did manage to get out spec fishing for a few hours Saturday between cold fronts. Got four keepers, a gar, and a mudfish. It was too cold for me to mess around with cleaning fish so I let the specs go and kept the rough fish to become fertilizer in the garden. The good news is that the spec’s are on the move and back in the same spot I nailed them big time last year. Now if I can get a day on the lake without whitecaps…………….

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