Will’s the man

I’m getting great blog material from Simon now and again. He’s my eyes and ears in Gainesville. He called me right after Urban Meyers had the team meeting where he announced his resignation but before the official press conference and was first to break the news (to me) about the replacement announcement. Simon’s roommate is a Journalism major specializing in sports journalism and maintains a blog called Gatorraid. That sort of makes him a member of the press, doesn’t it? So he, Simon and Julia hatched a plan to get them into the official press conference. Julia photo shopped a realistic looking press pass which they encased in plastic to make it official. It got them past the front door but they were nailed at the dreaded list desk where they somehow had not made the official list. Good try guys, very creative. I’m impressed.

On the Gators – Will Muschamps was certainly a surprise pick to the general public, me included, but the more I read about him, the better I’m feeling. If he was next in line for the Texas head coaching job, how bad can he be? And I’ve always liked the idea of defensive coaches becoming head coaches; don’t forget, two former Gator defensive coaches were named early on as possible Meyer successors. Personally I think this process was started last year when Urban resigned the first time and bet there were discussions with Muschamps as far back as that. I still wonder why the resignation was announced so early and not after the bowl games? It does give Will an opportunity to jump on the high profile recruits before they start straying. Why did Meyer’s really resign? My guess is health and constant pressure from his wife. I just can’t buy that you would quit coaching the Gators to see your daughters play soccer. I have trouble buying that you’d quit anything to see your daughters play soccer. I guess you might quit mowing the lawn or something.

Got my first patch of potatoes going in the few warm days between the arctic blasts. Last year’s potatoes turned out successful so this year I’m pulling out the stops. We bought 3 varieties; the little red ones (no idea what variety); Yukon Golds; and a variety called Klondike Rose, which are a red skinned fingerling style potato with a gold flesh. So far only the little red ones have developed eyes so that was the first variety planted. In a perfect world, the other’s will start sprouting in 3 weeks and 6 weeks respectively so that the harvest is spread over a couple of months. In a hard, cruel world, none of these will sprout eyes. The experience last year was that each piece planted turned into about a pound of potatoes. I got two or three pieces with eyes from each potato, a total of 15 pieces, so that could yield 15-20 pounds of potatoes in March.

Nancy made the best spaghetti ever the other night. All fresh tomatoes – a combination of Viva Italia, San Marzano, and Napa Grapes. There’s almost a 100% chance that we’re the only people in the galaxy that have ever had that combination and it’s unlikely that we could ever duplicate the exact mix. Too bad. What made it even the more incredible was that she used the special pasta Chris sent us from the small deli in Montclair which, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is hands down the best pasta we’ve ever had. It’s a brand called Pastificio Riscossa and labeled “special cut” just in case you ever happen to stumble on it. It doesn’t get any better. And I think we’re qualified to make that judgement since we routinely experiment with new pasta brands and varieties, searching for perfection. We’ve got to be close.

And you’ve probably wondered if you can use San Marzano’s to make fried green tomatoes. Wonder no more – you can and they’re great. We came up with a recipe for baked green tomatoes and tried it on the Holland Grill. Really good. I mentioned in an earlier posting that I lost one tomato plant to the cold. Well technically the plant was killed but it was loaded with green tomatoes, about half of which were big enough to eat. And we did.

Global warming – read an interesting article in the local paper concerning manatee deaths in 2010 through Dec 5 – that means it didn’t count the deep freeze last week. The grand total was 699 with 244 definitely linked to cold stress and another 269 most likely cold related. This is the largest number of cold related manatee deaths since records have been kept – 1974. 2010 isn’t over and we’re expecting more record colds in the next week or so. Interestingly the enviro wackies, who for years have jumped all over the power plants that dump warm water into the rivers, are now rethinking that position. May be a little late for that. Wouldn’t it be ironic if this critter, identified as endangered, is finally done in by the green weanies shutting off the warm water?

It’s so cold and nasty out I actually watched the Army – Navy football game this year.

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