Post Thanksgiving comments

When asked what I was thankful for at Thanksgiving dinner I said the great weather we were having. At that moment, it was a valid offering. By the end of Saturday, I am most thankful that the Gator football season is mercifully over. The pundits keep pondering which Bowl game they will play in and I can only hope that they are bypassed completely so I don’t have to suffer any further this year or start the new year on a down event. I can only imagine what the poor folks at Boise State are going through. If only their last game had been with Alabama or Oregon where a defeat would have been understandable. I’ve got my fingers crossed now that SC doesn’t misbehave and beat Auburn in the SEC championship game next week. My only hope for saving face this season is if an SEC team at least plays for the National Championship. Other than that, I’d be pulling for Spurrier and the Gamecocks all the way.

The Thanksgiving dinner was fine with a great group of people, good food and drink. What more could you want? There were not rounds and rounds of clapping and applause for the Satsuma-cranberry sauce but I could hear the lips smacking as they savored every morsel of it. I think most people didn’t want to embarrass the other cooks by homing in on that one dish and I respect that. The nicest surprise for me was the apple pie that Simon and Julia had made. I am not a dessert person but had to have an obligatory piece of pie and selected the apple among all the other selections available. It fit my taste buds just perfectly – not too sweet and not too soft and mushy. Turns out they actually used apples and not apple pie filling.

One nice thing about having a garden is that you can grow exotic varieties of old favorites which make things sound so different. For example, we had a nice salad with a mix of tomato, pepper, radishes, and green beans. That conjures up an image. But what about a salad of San Marzano tomatoes, Declaration peppers, Parat radishes, and Smereldo beans. A totally different image pops into your head. Sounds more like something you’d see in a gourmet magazine and know that you could never taste such luxury because those weren’t available in your grocery store. I’m sure it tastes the same but it gives it just that little touch of class. Next season I’m going to plant some Marconi peppers to go with the San Marzanos and maybe Roma pole beans although Smereldo sounds pretty exotic to me. I think I might plant a couple of Armenian Cucumbers too just to spice up the salad descriptions. Those are the cucumbers with a very pale green skin and distinctive ridging resembling the teeth on a gear. I grew them once in Utah and they caught lots of attention.

With 5000+ space workers to be laid off after the next shuttle launch, is anybody surprised that it’s slipping week by week and the original October date is now sliding toward February?

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