Pre Thanksgiving happening

I am already sick of all the media coverage of the Royal engagement in England. Who cares??? I really fear that leading up to a wedding, we’ll be at near saturation levels of drivel and then for the 6 months following, it will be wall to wall video’s of horses pulling carriages around London. Baaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf. I’d be ok with just muting the set or turning it off in favor of the XM but my bride is locked on tight.

This turned out to be a busy weekend. We knew my sister was coming up to spend a few days on a way to her son’s for Thanksgiving but were surprised when Simon called on Wednesday night not feeling too well and requesting a nice quiet weekend at the lake to recuperate. We were later surprised that Tom and Tina were coming up to hook with Eileen and upgrade an old computer she was giving to Glenn. So we ended up with a mini party Saturday afternoon. Nancy whipped together a stuff pork roast and the afternoon turned out to be a fun time. To top it off, Simon and I did a troll around the lake.

I usually think about getting serious for spec’s around Thanksgiving time so given the company, the great weather, and the calm lake, I decided to do an exploratory troll around the lake with Si. Sort of a shake down troll and did, in fact, pick up a couple of spec’s. As it turns out, the freezer is full, with a good bit of the space going to bluefish, so the last thing I need right now is a load of perch. Our shrimp supplier has mentioned that she likes bluefish or speckled perch as much as she like cucumbers and the shrimp are running strong in the St. Johns so………………

I don’t think I ever mentioned other swap deals we have in place with Nancy’s bridge and/or quilting buddies. Wilma grows the best tasting blueberries ever and loves just about everything we grow in the garden so that’s a great trade. Another of her friends in the quilt group brings jellies and jams to the table. Her favorite from the garden is Swiss Chard. I put in 8-10 plants because they dress up the garden and make great trading material. The nice thing about chard is that you just keep picking the leaves for months and months – until the heat does them in in mid April. Esther and her husband raise cattle so every now and then, she drops off a couple of steaks or a package of chopped meat. Then there’s Grace, the egg lady. I put in 6 Brussels Sprout plants this season with an eye towards trading material. I can get all the sprouts I want from half a plant but they are great trading material. The most different trade so far was veggies for seamstress work. Wilma is a year round recipient for anything that grows in the garden and jumps at a chance to reciprocate. Turns out she’s a beautiful seamstress and I had a few pair of pants that needed waist reduction. Done. So the “casting bread on water” thing works with green beans too.

And here’s one that made me chuckle. Nancy has these quilt events at the house and the gals always walk over and check out the garden. One was so inspired that she decided to grow one of her own. Last week when Nancy came home from the group meeting she handed me several packets of seeds and said the donor had bent her pick trying to get anything to grow so was making me a present of the seeds – no doubt in anticipation of a head of broccoli or a few carrots down the road. I’ll do those kind of trades all day long.

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