It’s all about Sarah

I’m cracking up as Bristol Palin moves up the pole on the Dancing show. You know that ABC/Disney picked her first to attract viewers and then to see her crash, setting up a metaphor for her mother’s political career. I don’t watch the show but as I hear it, she is not the best dancer around but continues to be voted on by the public. This has to be flustering to the libs who can’t believe that the general public could be voting for her. Get over it folks – it’s not a dance contest, it’s a popularity contest same as American Idol and any of these public voting shows and guess what, the Palin’s are popular with lots of Americans. Guess what ABC, if you make a political choice in your programming, you get a political result.

I’m really starting to warm up to Sarah Palin as 2012 material. The thing she has going for her is the whole Teddy Roosevelt/Ronald Reagan schtick. For those of us old enough to remember, the libs spent all their energy trying to portray Reagan as dumb; a B actor that was overmatched by Bonzo. Meanwhile he was riding around the ranch on horseback, chopping his own firewood and putting up fencing. I’m picturing the contrast between that image and the aloof, law professor, inner city community organizer that Obama personifies. Obama is now being seen as not having much going for him on the international scene, unable to pull off trade deals, and unable to pull off a win in Afghanistan when the president of that country basically tells him to bug off. The French and the Dutch love him. If I’m managing Palin, I’m quickly setting up meetings around the world with folks like Margaret Thatcher, the Burmese chicky, Netanyahu. Steer clear of all the Euro’s, especially the western Euro’s such as France and Italy who have a bombastic, wimpy image. Maybe ok to visit Eastern Euro’s who run places like Poland. What I’m liking is that women have traditionally voted Dem and at the very least, Palin should break up that block, to the extent is wasn’t shattered with this last election. Jews have also always been a Dem constituency but it looks like Obama is tearing that apart. What I’m also seeing is the same setup we had when Reagan followed Carter. Palin/Obama is smelling lots like that same setup – the academic philosopher vs the axe swinger; the smooth talker vs the straight talker.

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