Mile 741

Blues happening
Blues happening

Wonder if I’ll be able to get the Sarah Palin show on Netflix? Is it just me or does she resemble Wonder Woman? I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave the life she has to go to Washington. Can anyone conjure up an image of Obama or Pelosi fishing for salmon from a raft with grizzly bears prowling up and down the river? She’s trying to bring back a Teddy Roosevelt image and I think it might work.

This pic is from the bluefish extravaganza last week. Over the years, I’ve made friends with the guy who lives next door to our beach rental and he was lured down by all the action to take a couple of pictures. It was tearing him up because he was committed to go to a yoga class with his girl friend and the blues were tearing it up in his back yard. It just so happened that he was participating in a one day event in which people took pictures on Florida beaches and submitted them for a “day at the beach” collection. This pic was the “mile 741” representative.

I finally gleaned the eggplant bushes and pulled them out of the garden. Believe it or not they still had blossoms but no way those would ever mature before the frost and with the light shortened days now, it would take the small ones forever to reach full size. Also I could use the space to expand the collard patch and these large plants were shading the carrots more than I like – so out they came. If there is a hall of fame for eggplant, I nominate these Lavender Touch beauties. When I pulled them, the roots were like tree roots. No doubt they had been attacked by nematodes – the damage was visible – but the root system was so large, so deep and so strong that even the nematodes couldn’t bring down these plants. Very impressive.

Did a major bean pick involving getting up on a 6′ ladder and stretching to pick the top of the bean tower. I was inspired when Nancy announced she was starting to plan for Thanksgiving and had committed to a green bean casserole for 15. I think the recipe she’s using called for 8 cups of green beans. I picked 4 or 5 pounds which I know will more than satisfy that demand. I love the variety but next spring I’m going to use a completely different approach to supporting the beans. The teepee approach technically worked but it was far from optimum in terms of harvesting. I’m committed to coming up with a new design by bean season next March and have several paper designs already.

Another interesting phenomena that I have previously observed happened again today when I started digging holes to plant chard. The holes I dig are nominally a foot in diameter and a foot deep. About 3 scoops into the hole I noticed that I had dug up a toad. These toads live underground but I never see any signs of them digging down which makes me wonder if they just live out their life cycle underground. I guess there would be plenty to eat under ground – no worms of course – but certainly plenty of other critters. Maybe they pop out at night to eat surface insects but seems like I would see signs of where they emerge and reenter the soil.

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