The summer/fall garden is crashing fast. Nothing wrong, just hitting the end of the season. I pulled out the zucchini bushes, all but one cucumber plant and all but one eggplant bush. In all cases, got a great crop with nematode problems only with 2 green zucchini and an acorn squash. If we can go another month without a frost, maybe overly optimistic on my part, we should have loads of tomatoes and green peppers. The pic’s show a harvest day with our great nieces, Alyssa and Kamryn. They love picking but can be occasionally a bit rough on the plants. The large mound of green next to the tangerines are the Smerelda pole beans. The girls are picky eaters but chowed down on cucumber slices and green beans dipped in ranch. I see a major green bean casserole event for Thanksgiving.

And we’re finally harvesting butternut squash. They are nice size and finally turned from green to that light tan-orange color. We ate one last week that was maybe a week or so early – still good, but not quite at the peak. I count at least a dozen so the crop was a success in my eyes. The significance of that is that I’ve tried repeatedly to grow butternut over the past 3 years and had zero success so this bodes well for the future. Still bending my pick on acorn squash but plan to try again in the spring with yet another variety.

I’m still loading the garden with cold tolerant plants- just put in celery and Brussels – and this cold snap makes it time to start with the hardiest varieties such as beets, spinach and peas. Should be 100% planted by the end of the month and we should be picking the first of the chinese cabbage by then. Does cole slaw work for Thanksgiving?

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