From record heat to record cold in a flash. Got up Saturday morning to really chilly conditions and a brisk northwest wind. The tide was right but no way I would brave the elements. Checkout time is 10 AM so I started to clean up for the getaway. I happened to notice a spray of finger mullet within casting range and then another and another. Suddenly I’m looking at all kinds of surf action. I put on every piece of warm clothing I had and decided to try casting a spoon a couple of times. That started the most bluefish action I have ever, ever, evvvvvvver had. For the next 2 hours I had a fish on every single cast and was totally worn to a frazzle. Achy back, shoulders and this time, arm muscles. The blues were split between ones about 2-3 pounds and smaller ones, under a pound. The spoon was attacked within a few cranks of the reel and if he missed it, another one grabbed it. And if I hooked one and he threw the hook a ways out, bam, another one was on in a heartbeat. The only empty casts were where I had a fish on right into the surf and he jumped and threw the hook right at the beach. I ended up keeping a dozen bigger ones, giving the guy next door about that many small ones for smoking, and throwing back at least a dozen. The landlord called down and said not to worry about checkout, just keep on catching and I did.

Nancy wasn’t too happy since this screwed up her schedule. She came down to the beach and hovered a couple of times to give me the glare but that wasn’t going to work under these conditions. I thought about a quickie divorce thing on the beach but knew that would be distracting me right at a critical time so I just glared back. As I said above, I eventually just wore out and had to call it quits for physical reasons. As it is, I’ll probably need to bathe in the horse liniment tonight and do a combo of Aleve, tylenole and anything else in the medicine cabinet that says for relief of aches and pains.

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