Last romp in the surf

Thursday – I decided to hit the beach early this morning to catch the high tide. Unfortunately it was raining and nasty so I couldn’t be out in it at 7AM as planned. It stopped raining at 8 so I decided to give it a go even with the tide not optimum. It was still blowing but from the west which actually made casting easier and my plan was to cast a spoon rather than use bait. Casting a 2 oz spoon using an 11′ surf casting outfit is a full body workout. To launch the spoon 200′ requires everything I have from my toes to my ear tips and an hour of that has me sore all over. But it was worth it. Got 4 blues, 3 babies and a nice one of a couple pounds. Thankfully it started raining again about 9 and the fish stopped biting so I could go back inside with dignity. One irony was that I caught the 3 small ones about a foot from the shoreline, just before lifting the lure out of the water. So the monster casts I was getting off were not really necessary. The big one hit about midway back; not one at max cast range.

Later in the day, low tide, got a few whiting using the lighter tackle and shrimp. Tide wrong and big storms on the horizon for late Thursday fishing so we ended the day with Tom at the Flagler Fish Company.

As mentioned above, my right shoulder and back were worked to a frazzle and were sore as hell last night. Luckily Nancy had the foresight to bring the jug of Bigeloil and gave me a shoulder rubdown which produced the miracles it always has. I think when they do my final autopsy the doc’s will have to comment about the over developed right side of my upper body and wonder what kind of activity could have caused such localized muscle development.

Friday – Overnight a front moved in and dropped the temps about 20 degrees but the tide was perfect at 8AM. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing big time and the surf was huge and booming. I tried to brave it but count this one as Joe zero, surf 1. About 10 casts into the wind the spoon slipped sideways into the wind which created a backlash that snapped the lure off and out into the deep part of the ocean. I do have more spoons but can see these conditions are not going to work for me. Maybe the wind will stop by low tide at noon.

Went back at half tide to try pitching spoons again. I did manage to catch a small ladyfish and also managed to bring my shoulder and right side back into knots.

Politics – I was a bit surprised to see Nancy Pelosi decide to run for minority leader in the house. To me that’s good news since you would still have her as the face of the Dem’s in the house and Dirty Harry as the face in the Senate. I would have expected Obama to have given her the word to hit the bricks or at least get behind the curtain. So I guess he’s ok with her or has this leadership problem of his own………… Or both.

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