Cooling off

If they do a remake of the Wizard of Oz, who would play the wicked witch of the west – Nancy Pelosi or Gloria Allred?

We’ve had a few days of Oregon or maybe Cork, Ireland weather – coolish (by Florida standards), overcast, misty with an occasional peak of the sun and an occasional shower. Perfect weather to set out the late season crops. I have all the cabbage and broccoli transplanted into the garden now and will have cauliflower ready by the end of October. I’ll have a good test now on the efficacy of peat pots vs styrofoam cups. There’s no question at all that the roots are more disturbed dumping the cups than just setting the peat pots. I knew that but the real test is how well they progress from this point on. I had assumed nearly 100% survival using peat pots but that has not turned out to be the case. I’ve also been surprised by how well the one paper pot I made has held up. I filled the pot with soil and a baby cabbage plant and set the pot in a shallow water dish. That’s the same thing I do with both the peat pots and the styrofoam cups. What I expected to happen is for the paper pot to fall apart in a few days sitting in the water or, at the very least, to tear apart when I moved it. Surprisingly, the pot and plant are holding up well after a week and being moved several times. I won’t be setting that particular cabbage into the garden for at least another week so that should give me a good test run. I plan to plant it as is and not try to remove the plant from the pot. I’m assuming the paper will degrade enough to let the roots penetrate the pot.

Got the new impeller for the Shop Vac leaf mulcher and as predicted, had it back together working in 5 minutes. For sure I need to be much more careful in the future to avoid sucking up rocks into the vac. Aside from one part of the blade breaking off, all of the blades were worn dramatically. I got most of my leaves from the driveway and was not overly careful about mixing a rock or two in the leaf pile. With the new impeller in place and no rocks, the mulch from the two loads I did came out really fine – much better than I was experiencing before the big break down.

The weather change has been so dramatic that I have to make a wardrobe change – put away my sleeveless T’s and break out the sleeved T’s. The good news is that I can get back on the lake fishing. For the past two months, it’s simply been too hot for me and too hot for the fish. It’s probably still too hot for the fish until the water temps catch up but that doesn’t mean I won’t be out there banging the brush and sharpening my game. Open the doors, turn off the AC. The only part of cooling off that I hate is the shortening days that come with it.

I was right, congress just had to add another shuttle flight. Way too much political pressure. Can’t wait to see the ad’s pop up showing each politico claiming that he/she is personally responsible for getting the flight added. I’m guessing my man Shrek will be the first to go big time. It will be something tasteful showing him riding a rocket and maybe showing his Taliban opponent with a rocket launcher aimed at shooting down the shuttle. What I hate is that even though he’s not in our voting district, somehow all of us in central Fl catch the splash back from this dork.